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April 2022 - Particles!

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Announcing the March 2022 Winner

Happy April to all of you! 👋

We had a great turnout for our first CSS challenge last month. The March theme was spring and we were extremely impressed with the submissions! From bunny rabbits peeking out of a hole to blissful flowers blowing in the breeze and a slinky infinitely jumping across the page, the community really came together and made some fantastic art!

Before the winner is announced, take a few minutes to look at all of the wonderful submissions by you - the community!

There could only be one winner and, as per the details of the March challenge, the winner was chosen at random.

🥁 ...

🎉 Congratulations to Alaa (@Lilo1170) for winning the first-ever CSS Art Challenge! 🎉

Alaa won the fantastic ebook provided by last month’s sponsor, Jhey! If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Move Things with CSS and up your CSS game! 💪

Now, let’s go on to this month’s challenge...

🎨 April 2022 CSS Art Challenge Details

We’re going to be a little more open-ended this month. For April, create any piece of CSS art you’d like, but your submission must include •◦•· particles •◦•· ! Now, this doesn’t mean your submission has to only include particles - rather, we’d love to see CSS art that uses particles to enhance the piece.

Particles add a layer of movement and an extra bit of eye candy. Perhaps you can use particles to blow leaves across your scene, or maybe you’ll use smoke particles to add some mystery and shroud your centerpiece.

Be creative and enjoy the process! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

💭 Idea Prompts (not required):

  • Create a tree out of CSS with leaf particles and blow them off of the tree
  • Create a volcano out of CSS and use particles to act as the smoke billowing out of the top
  • Create a micro-interactive button that shoots confetti particles when you click on it

📋 Submission Guidelines, Grading Criteria & Deadline

Please read the following carefully.

Challenge Deadline (04/27/2022)

Submissions for the April challenge must be posted on Twitter by Wednesday, April 27th at 11:59 PM Central.

How will the winner be chosen?

The winner will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Adhering to the monthly theme
  • Creativity
  • Code elegance
  • Building in Public (this is a community-focused event - share your process on Twitter and receive encouragement from those around you!)

How to Submit

When you're ready, click the button below to open a new tab and submit your CSS art to CSS Art Challenge with the hashtags #particlecsschallenge and cssartchallenge

We recommend building your CSS submission on CodePen so we can include it in our monthly collection!

A few things to note

  • Make sure you're following the CSS Art Challenge Twitter account so I can DM you if you win!
  • Feel free to post your updates on Twitter and build your submission in public! Encourage others to follow along or join the challenge themselves!

If your submission is not posted on Twitter with the hashtags listed above, it will not be considered a valid entry.

🏆 The April 2022 CSS Art Challenge Prize

We’ve partnered with Frontend Mentor to gift the winner of the April challenge a month of their PRO subscription! 🤩

Frontend Mentor helps people improve their front-end skills by building projects. They have a range of professionally designed free and premium challenges to put your skills to the test.

Frontend Mentor

Can’t wait and want to get your hands on a PRO license now? I don’t blame you! Check out all of the information about PRO here!

Thanks again to Frontend Mentor for sponsoring this month’s challenge! 👏